Meet our new Student Reps!

We’d like to introduce you to our new team of Student Reps who are going to be regularly sharing their experiences of life at Manchester Met with you on our blog.

Our Student Reps have all started studying at the University this year, so they know exactly how you feel about making decisions about what and where to study.  They are also real-life, actual students so they can tell you what it is really like to study here and live in Manchester.

They’ll be posting regularly throughout the year so make sure you subscribe to the blog to find out what they have been up to.

That’s enough from us, let’s get to know them….

Toby circleMeet Toby

Hi, my name is Toby. I am almost twenty-one years old, so if you own a time machine – please contact me. I am studying Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and if you were to tell my younger self this, he would be very confused as he is yet to realise how much he HATES Maths and Physics.


I chose to study at MMU because of the city. To be able to come from a tiny village in the countryside, with its biggest abundance being pubs, to a city as magnificent as Manchester was just too enticing. Also, the fact that there’s a Starbucks on every corner was also a very good selling point.

My favourite thing about University is the freedom. The thing I hate most about University is also – the freedom. What do you MEAN I have to do this myself?! I chose to stay living at home with my Mum still doing almost everything for me so how the rest of you are coping I’ll never know.

When I’m not studying, I’m usually procrastinating, because I probably should be studying. When procrastinating, I am usually binging Netflix or listening to Taylor Swift all while thinking why am I NOT studying?! I also have two pugs to deal with.

My top tip for University would be friends. Make new friends. Stay in contact with old ones. Everything else will fall into place as long as you have people who you can share each other’s messes with.

patrickOverall, my time at University paired with my lack of self-control has just turned me into a mindless zombie.

izzy circle

Meet Izzy

“Hi, I’m Izzy, an 18 year old BA(Hons) Economics and Politics student at MMU.

I decided to study at Manchester Met because I loved the city. My Dad is from Bury, just outside of Manchester so I have fond memories of Christmases and summers in and around Manchester. I went to both open days available and just fell in love with the vibe and the area.

I’m from the Malvern Hills, a rural area near South Wales. It’s the definition of rural… my closest shop is nearly 2 miles away and in order to actually get anywhere you have to battle through flocks of sheep and herds of cows that also live on Castlemorton Common with me.

My favourite thing about living and studying in Manchester is the nightlife. Being able to walk to a nightclub is crazy when at home it was a 30 minute taxi ride to our local club.

One tip that I’d give anyone who hasn’t started uni yet is to get ahead of the game. Just because your deadline is in January doesn’t mean that you should leave it until January. You’ll end up having a million-and-one things due within two weeks and it’ll seem impossible. Get ahead, stay ahead, you’ll be fine.

Also, bring a doorstop if you’re living in Halls. Propping your bedroom door open – especially in the first few weeks – will make you look more friendly and people will be more likely to reach out to be your friend.”

Elijah circleMeet Elijah

“Kon’nichiwa! Saying hello in Japanese felt better to be honest with you anyway……My name is Elijah, I am 22 years old and currently studying a Foundation year for Computer Games Technology as well as Japanese beginners. I am originally from Leeds, but then moved to York, where it is really, really cold.

elijah - austin powers meme

I live in private student accommodation and honestly I prefer it to student halls because at my accommodation I currently live with only one other person in my apartment, which I find comfortable, easy and very low maintenance and for me it is an easy walk to get to campus.

If I was asked to describe university in a singular meme I would have to choose this one. Because I can’t be the only one who hasn’t left an assignment till the last day or 2 beforehand.”

Georgie circleMeet Georgie,

“Hi, my name is Georgie and I study BA (Hons) International Fashion Promotion at Manchester Metropolitan University. I chose to study here because the Fashion Institute looked so impressive when I visited and the course seemed perfect for me. Everyone I spoke to, staff and students, were all so approachable and friendly and genuinely wanted to answer my questions.

I went to quite a few open days and you feel tenorlike you have to ask questions and interact with the people there but I get so awkward asking questions. However, at Man Met the people I spoke to were actually easy to chat to. I also loved the feel of the city, when I had a wander round, there was so much to do and see.

I moved quite far, the furthest out of my group of friends back home in Hertfordshire. I was slightly worried moving up north, I didn’t know what to expect whether it would be really different to home but I love it and maybe even prefer it.

ollieThe things I have learnt living in the north are: it is cold up here and chips with gravy is the best. University really is a great opportunity to start again, you meet all new and you are, well in my case, somewhere completely new.

ross I'm fine

Although this may sound daunting and I know the first week I was a bit overwhelmed, I remember calling my friends from back home and panicking that I wouldn’t enjoy it here but pretending to my mum that I was fine because I didn’t want her to worry. But that’s normal and you do settle in.”

Dale circleMeet Dale

“My name is Dale and I am a postgraduate student at MMU studying MA Filmmaking in the wonderful School of Art. I began student life in Brighton, where I successfully completed my beloved undergrad. Most people consider graduation a long-awaited sigh of relief and end to student life, no more spaghetti hoops at midnight and coffee fuelled essay writing, but the promise of a £22k starting salary and cosmopolitan lunch dates with the new office girls. However, my graduation left me feeling major anxiety and there was a niggvalentinaling feeling of dread at the thought of working a 9-5 that I wasn’t ready for. I couldn’t help but want to don the university lanyard for just a little longer.


My favourite thing about studying here is that the Art School is designed to be a supportive framework to encourage collaborations and peer critiques which all drive you to make work you love. It is an environment which fuels creativity (like, have you seen Benzie building though?). Every time I’m in a lecture, or a talk with prestigious guest artist I leave feeling full of new ideas and fresh approaches to working (I shan’t discuss the fact that as soon as I get home to my ((freezing cold)) student flat and Netflix stares at me my drive to work has somehow diminished).

Outside of the MMU walls there is so much to do in Manchester. Take your student ID e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e as most places do a sweet student discount. Beat the Frog. Monday. Frog and Bucket. Google it, it’s gr8. Also, Hold Fast in NQ happy hour is a must. Cocktails and Sega Megadrive in a dungeon that looks like the set of SAW. And of course, the Gay Village.

My advice for new students is work hard, play hard and enjoy life as a penniless student (And register at a doctor surgery before you actually get ill – must).”

We hope that you’ll join us in welcoming our new Student Reps to the blog.  They’ll be back again in next year (it’s only two weeks away?!) to tell you more about life at Manchester Met.

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