‘A typical day for a Foundation Computer Games Technology student’ (Elijah)

I started my degree in Computer Games Technology with a foundation year in September.  It has only been a few months since I started uni, but it already feels really familiar and I’ve gotten into a regular routine when I come to university.

So what it a typical day for me like?  I usually set off  from my private student halls around 30-40 minutes before class starts. The walk I take is normally around 10-15 minutes, so it’s not too far. Once I am at university waiting outside my first class, which is Maths in John Dalton, I look at my phone and maybe play a game and scroll through Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat.  I only do this until one of my friends turns up and then we’ll have a chat before class about what happened over the weekend or any news that’s worth sharing.

My first seminar is for maths, recently in class we started looking at factorisation. Eventually, my brain wakes up and I put pen to paper and start taking notes, answering questions and slowly preparing for my next lecture.   After the 1-hour lesson of maths, luckily, I get a break and having a break means food, coffee and becoming antisocial, as even though I’m with my friends, we all decide to play games and do coursework after eating.

Elijah kittenFor me and my friends the John Dalton Refectory is just the go to place for every break we have. We don’t always buy food, sometimes we just go there to chat, do some course work or I sometimes do my Japanese work (which is an additional subject I am doing as part of the Uniwide programme). I think we like going there because well obviously FOOD!! But also because we can just sit back relax and focus on what we need to, even if its just playing a game, watching YouTube or scrolling through Facebook.

Elijah slothThen it’s time for our next class, Foundation Computing, over in the Geoffrey Manton Building, which is about a five minute walk away.  This is a lecture, and in it I learn about the theory behind what I am going to put into practice in my seminar later on in the week, so I make sure I take lots of notes to help me remember what I have learnt!

My third lesson is numeracy, which is a subject that you do as part of the foundation year, it’s helpful as it is a bit like a GCSE refresher.  After this class,  I have a 3-hour break from lectures and seminars, so it is nice to get some free time. Sometimes one of my friends comes to my flat to chill and play PS4 with me, but today I go home and prepare my dinner for that night.  Back at my flat, after having something small to eat, I either watch a film or just play games, my favourite game at the minute is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, which is an anime based game, until about 4:30pm.

Walking back to uni for my Data Analysis class at 5pm makes me envious of other students who get to go home for the evening, but I do it because like every other student I want to have good grades at the end of my course.

Typically I get there a bit early, so I go in and sit down and look through my Data Analysis handbook and read some of the chapter that we did last week. We’re currently studying something called normal distribution in this class. Believe it or not this is the hardest part of my year because it’s so new to me and just when I think I’ve got it, the handbook comes back with a counter and throws me off balance! Once class is finished on this long day, I go home eat my dinner, play PS4, then go to sleep at midnight.

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