‘A typical day for a first year Psychology student’ (Toby)

toby tiredA typical day for a Psychology student starts the same way as it does for any student – tired…

Then, suddenly, you’re in a lecture and words are being thrown at you and you’re not even sure if you’re awake yet and you’re trying to write everything down but then you get confused and then you’re behind and you’re trying to catch up and then after all that hard work it’s… 10am.toby phone

This is just me being dramatic, as always, because we only have one 9am lecture a week and it’s the easiest subject, for me anyway… And usually, if I’m behind it’s due to my own laziness or the fact that my phone just always happens to be in my hands. But you’ve got to fake it until you make it and I’m holding on to a 2:1 at the moment so I must be doing something right.

By the time the seminar is over, you’re just about half way through your day. I’m usually holding on for dear life at this point until I get my lunchtime coffee and some form of “nourishment”. This spare time is usually spent arguing with my friends over something trivial such as when summer actually starts (“it’s the summer solstice Martha, get over it!!”).  The hardest part of the day for a Psychology student will most likely be Biopsychology as it’s one of the units that makes the subject a science, so it comes with all the wonderful terminology a science holds. Words like Telencephalon and Diencephalon which to me are as similar as their, they’re and there and it took me years of English lessons to be able to differentiate between them so please – wish me luck!!

Not all of my modules are filled with such difficult terminology though. Cognitive and Biopsychology is but my other modules, Social and Community Psychology,  Development and Individual Differences and Investigating Psychology are all a lot more theoretical which I prefer. I think it’s much more interesting, as there is no definite answer and your own thoughts, ideas and opinions come into play. However, trying to remember all the researchers’ names can be just as challenging. Most of the time, in my essays, you’ll frequently find the phrase “a psychologist found…” instead of their names, I’ll learn them… eventually.

Toby - homerAfter a long hard day, even though the likelihood is I left a little earlier than I should have (don’t judge me), it’s time to commute home! I would have mentioned this earlier but usually, in the morning on the train inbound to Manchester, I’m asleep and when I’m walking from my house to the train station I’m just dissociating.

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