The Best Places to Eat Around Campus (Izzy)

izzy su circleStudents’ Union:

The Students’ Union is a great place to meet up with friends and have some nice, well priced food. The Union serves such a huge range of food that you can find whatever you’re craving every time.

One of my favourite dishes is the pizza, where you can add your own toppings for around £5, and while the 6 Nations are going on they offer themed burgers based on each country participating – my favourite has to be the Scottish one (Haggis, beef, black pudding, and an egg). They also show live football matches and other sports which is good for a social gathering with your friends.

Wetherspoons – The Paramount:izzy wetherspoons

A trip to ‘Spoons is a necessity as a student. Whether it’s just before a night out or for a celebratory meal (even if you’re just celebrating handing an assignment in).

It’s convenient and affordable, and only a 10 minute walk from campus. It’s always busy and has a really lively vibe, with loads of food options if you’re peckish, and the drinks are always reasonably priced. The toilets are really classy too which is always nice and the waiters and waitresses are friendly.

izzy fontThe Font:

The Font is a bar that serves food and cocktails right next to Oxford Road Station, and only 5 minutes from campus. The cocktails are really good for the price, and the curly fries are delicious! The Font offer more ‘snacky’ dishes as opposed to huge meals, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks quality. The Font is one of my favourite places to go with my friends as it has such a chill vibe with good music, and is always full of students. It’s got 2 floors, one of which is underground so it adds to the quirky cozy vibe. They also have a range of unique lagers, which are nice to try every now and then.

Pizza Co:piza gif

Pizza Co. is a great place to go for food after a night out. They do really nice pizzas for around £4 which is really good value. They also do a range of fried chicken and burgers so it’s like fast food heaven. As it’s open late it’s a great place to go when you run out of food at the last minute, although it’s probably not the healthiest option, and I must say that the garlic mayo is delicious. It’s open 24 hours a day and is just opposite the campus which is ideal for a midnight snack.

izzy coffee Moose Coffee:

Moose Coffee is a favourite for some of my friends. It is a breakfast diner, providing high quality American and Canadian food as well as fine coffee. It’s situated near the Arndale, so is a bit further away from the campus than the others (about a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute bus ride) but I have been told that it’s a great place to bring friends or chill with a nice cup of coffee. When my friends went they told me “it was quite busy, and rightly so”.

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