My plans for the Easter holidays (Toby)

toby santa clausLuckily, for me, my Easter break starts on my best friend’s twenty first birthday so instead of going home to relax, I’m going to go and party with her family. Don’t get me wrong, they are the greatest family I have ever met. The problem is my energy level at its peak is drinking green tea and watching Netflix but theirs is more like…

I will somehow have to match this energy even though I’ll be joining them straight after an EXAM. I still haven’t even bought her a gift, so any ideas are welcome. She loves Disney, food and musicals. Help. Me.

Anyway, the celebrations don’t end there. We are also going London for a few days following so my human contact battery is going to be DRAINED. And my bank account. Not like that is ever overflowing. I need a job. Maybe that should be a plan for my Easter break. To get a job. Nah…

But once the adventures of London and its vegan restaurants, expensive shops and musicals are over I’ll finally be able to relax and RECOVER. I’ll be able to sit and do nothing until Easter Sunday when I’ll have to go searching for my eggs. I may be twenty years old but if my Mum doesn’t hide my eggs and make me search for them it’s just not Easter. I will be forcing her to do this until one of us is in a grave.

I can’t wait to engorge on chocolate. It’ll be my choice of coping mechanism for all the revision I’ll have to be doing over the break for my summer exams.

spongebob chocolate

Because of all the chocolate I shall be eating, I will also be trying to go to the gym as often as I can to offset the damage. Not that weight gain is a problem, no matter how much diet companies try and tell me otherwise.

Don’t let capitalism control you kids.

The rest of my Easter break will concise of me enjoying my happy little introverted life. I’ll annoy my puggos.

toby pugs

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