Getting ready for university exams, my tips on revision (Elijah)

Elijah circleWell here we are, exam season. Ah such a stressful time of year. There are many ways to prepare for exams and the most important one being, revision. One factor to consider is your timescale, for example if your exam is 1 month or 2 weeks from now you should be at least revising for a few hours per day. However, the closer you get to the exam date the more you should do BUT don’t over work yourself the day before because you need at least 8 hours sleep prior.

Avoiding distractions and having a quiet place to study is also key for when it comes to revising. Your quiet place could be at home in your room or in the library, where you have access to all the resources you could need. As well as having the resources you’ll need it is also beneficial to have classmates with you to create a study group where you can look at visual examples and listen to explanations and communicate to make sure you have your answers right for the questions, furthermore you can all test each other.

Something you should take full advantage of if you are given the opportunity to during exam season is revision classes. I say this because you can  utilise your tutor’s expertise at the same time and get extra tips that as a group you can all use when it comes to exam that you’re most likely dreading. Did you know that repetition can also be helpful? Did you know that repetition can also be helpful? Did you know that repetition can also be helpful? No? then you might want to start going over certain aspects you may think you’re going to struggle with.

Personally when it comes to revising as well as doing everything stated, I like to listen to music but nothing with lyrics because it distracts from taking in the words that are being read and I should know because during an English exam I ended up writing the lyrics for a song as the answer and then realised I just wasted 5 minutes.

In closing, I wish you all good luck with your exams, just do your best, don’t overthink answers and be level headed. When it gets to the exam day be positive and motivated when going in, you’ll do great in your exam.

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