My career plans and how I’m going to use my degree to achieve them (Dale)

Dale circleHow can a poor film student become successful in the film industry? I do not have the answer to this question as it is something I am yet to find out.

When you tell your friends and family that you want a career in the film industry it is not uncommon for their response to be a deep sigh and an eye roll. A career in the creative industry is almost every child’s pipedream that they eventually grow out of; but for some it is a lot more than that. It becomes a need – or a hunger – within you to create art and make a living in this way. It is difficult, but you can take steps to get you on the right path. I chose a Filmmaking masters degree as my first step on this inevitably long and frustrating road to uncertain success.


My degree is an intensive, self-managed course, which allows me to practice and hone my filmmaking skills in a safe and non-critical environment – allowing me to explore just where I could fit in to the film industry. I do not think you can go in to any arts degree knowing exactly what you will get out of it. Art is fluid, ideas change and develop, as do your intentions, and end goals, that is what is so exciting and endearing about committing yourself to the arts. The certain uncertainty is daunting but I think that is the reason I am attracted to this lifestyle. My degree is my opportunity to find my starting point, giving me a foundation of skills and a network of like minded, career-hungry creatives to build from.

Before university, I didn’t know just how many opportunities there are out there for young artists. There are endless sources of funding for exciting, innovative art projects, countless artists residencies and communities to get involved in. There are people out there who work to help develop artists and kick-start their careers – and university is just step one. My degree will always serve as a backbone to my career and will always be there to act as my handbook as I navigate to find my place in the many, many creative industries available.

In an ideal world, someone will fund me as I explore my creativity, writing script after script and experimenting with a cast and crew to create new films. But, the likelihood is more me writing funding applications to arts funding bodies during my lunch break of my 9-5 office job. I am prepared for that.

giphy (1)

But, if you are looking for a career in film and have no starting point, then order a prospectus and explore your opportunities here at Manchester Metropolitan University. The facilities are amazing and the course enables you to leave education with a high quality portfolio of work that might – just might – help turn your pipe dream into reality. I’ll keep you updated on that.


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