What to expect in your first year at uni (Georgie)

 Georgie circle

It is nothing like school.

This is something everyone says and is very true. However, a common misconception is that Uni is easier than school, “Oh Uni is easy you go to lectures a few times a week if you feel like it and the rest of the time you lay in bed or go out having fun”. This is partly true, there are many nights out and more spare time which you can choose to spend in bed if you are so inclined, but there is also a lot of work! Yes, you may be scheduled to be in lectures just a few hours a week and whether you turn up is up to you, but the reason you have less time being taught by lecturers is because you are expected to do a lot more independent learning. The extra time and effort you put into your course outside of the timetabled hours will reflect in your grades.

michael cera

You’ll do a lot of growing up.

 In your first year of university you will mature a lot and become a lot more independent. This is a subconscious thing that comes with living alone without your family there doing things for you. If something needs to be done you do it yourself, you can’t wait for someone else to do it. You are responsible for looking after yourself, which can be daunting but at the same time is a very positive thing. This also comes with a lot more freedom which is the best thing about moving away from home, in my opinion. You can eat what you want, do what you want, no questions asked- go cook yourself a whole meal at 3am, sleep in all day, stay out till the early hours, there is no one to be asking a million questions or telling you that you can’t do things.

You will meet so many people.

Moving to a new place, living with new flatmates, having new classmates, safe to say you will meet a lot of new people in your first year of Uni. You will meet a wide range of people who you probably wouldn’t have otherwise met, not everyone will be your cup of tea and some you will instantly click with, so get chatting to many people as possible.


Finally, it will go so fast so enjoy it and make the most of everything first year has to offer!

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