What to expect in your first year at uni (Izzy)

izzy circleYour first year at uni will be full of ups and downs, but trust me when I say that it will be one of the most exciting and influential years of your life. You learn to cook for yourself, find a routine that works for you, and vacuum super noodles off the kitchen floor at 4am (although that might just be my experience).

When I first came to uni, I was petrified. Although I felt ready to leave home, it was still a scary prospect, and it’s something that doesn’t really hit you until you reach your first year accommodation. I moved into uni halls, with 4 flats in a block, and 4 people in each flat – and an ensuite toilet for each person. This seemed to right choice for me because I wanted to make friends, but also have my own personal space. This set up was ideal for me because I made friends across all 4 flats, and if there was ever a falling out, you could retreat back to your own room with your own space.

The first week of uni is mad. From Freshers Fairs full of food and freebies, to partying in Manchester, it was a crazy week, and a week I’ll always look back on with fondness. There were no pressing responsibilities and you are away from your parents for the first time ever, it feels great. First year teaches you to become your own person and how to deal with whatever life throws at you, and of course, sometimes you might struggle or feel a little overwhelmed, but that’s only natural, and at the end of the day there is a reason why everyone says that uni is the best time of your life.


The rest of the uni year will fly by, and it’ll be summer before you know it, you just have to make sure that you’re prepared for any exams you have, and that you’re ready to move on from halls – which by the end of the year, everyone is.

Towards the end of your first year of uni, everyone usually has exams, which can change the atmosphere in halls a little, but as long as you reach out to your friends and family if you’re feeling like things are getting on top of you, then you’ll power through those exams and have the longest summer yet, with your new uni friends and your friends from home.

community gif

The main thing I would say about your first year of uni is to expect the unexpected, you have no idea what’s around the corner and that’s part of the fun.

First year is where you mature and grow as a person, and I know that it has definitely shaped who I am today. It seems scary at first but you’ll find ‘your people’, people who pick you up when you’re feeling down and people you can laugh with for hours.

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