What my foundation year was really like (Elijah)

Elijah circleMy first year as a Foundation Computer Games Technology student, was interesting. I say this because I don’t know what I expected to happen,  but it was different. Different in a good and entertaining way; I met people who I’d happily call my best friends and we’ve all helped each other get through this year.

elijah adventure

It started like any other new school year would.  As a brand new student, I was lost looking for my class room, even though now that I think about it finding the room was so easy. However, that’s only because I know where to go and easiest/quickest route to ensure and early-ish arrival.

On my first day I made friends with 2 different people even though one did try to steal my seat! I also didn’t know I had to scan my card at the start of each lecture. For the rest of the day me and these new people I met went near enough everywhere, just looking for our next room and seeing what’s around the university campus.

elijah simpsons

Day 2 was, just as hectic as day 1, but another friend was made on the way to maths, I introduced him to the other guys and we’ve been with each other ever since. Genuine happiness is felt whenever I’m around these guys, because we all share the same laughs, get confused at the same stuff and we can just be ourselves around each other and tease one another over the most smallest of things.

As well as the year being hectic, I gained a lot of knowledge from it and learnt about things I had previously forgotten or had just never learned beforehand. The teachers were great but honestly, I couldn’t choose my favourite one because they were all amazing with their help and if you turned up late for a morning class and asked them to go over what you missed they would do that, I know this because I did it  once and the class hated me (temporarily!), for turning up late and asking my Data Analysis teacher to go over what he had written on the board

For all of my classes, the timetable was manageable and the workload was always a big enough amount so, I never felt overwhelmed. Everything needed for the year of Data Analysis and Mathematics was found in one book which was given to the class at the beginning of the year. I referenced this book so many times when it came to my coursework earlier this year.

I guess to sum up, I would say I had a great year. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and meeting my friends and everyone else throughout the year. I’m happy that I’ve learned everything I now know this year and I can’t say there was anything that made me dislike this year in any way what so ever.

I do think that this foundation year has helped me mentally prepare for what’s to come in the future years. instead of diving right in, you can  ease into university slowly,  so I would highly recommend that someone or anyone do the foundation year if they have it as an option for university.

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