Reflections on my first year as a Psychology student (Toby)

Let’s start this blog with celebrating the fact that I’VE FINISHED FIRST YEAR!

toby - oprah

First year has flown by, which I assume is a good thing…  It went much faster than A-Levels so it is definitely a good thing because A-Levels were HELL. I am still recovering from A-Levels. I think I will still be recovering from A-Levels until my deathbed. So, on a more positive note, first year of University was MUCH more ejoyable than A-Levels. However, because there is so much more coursework it has felt like non-stop work since I started at  but at least I’m free now until September. It is also slightly worrying that that was only first year and there is two more to go and I assume it is going to get harder… MOVING ON!

Another great thing about first year was only having to be in three days a week.

So, it was great having so much free time, I actually started going to the gym regularly so YAY for me and YAY for health.

woman gym

I also spent a lot of time binge watching a lot of TV shows, I’ve watched The Good Wife, Brooklyn 99, Grey’s Anatomy, Queer Eye, Rupaul’s Drag Race and now I’m just wondering whether I’ve done any work this year or whether I’ve just repressed it. I’ve also a read a lot of books this year too because I don’t know what else to do while I’m commuting so yay for my brain too!

A beautiful attribute of first year has been the freedom, especially in comparison with A-Levels.  Do I want to do the reading or not? Do I want to do the extra work or not? No matter my decision there was no teacher there to start harassing me unless it reached unacceptable levels which clearly, I didn’t because they never contacted me 😊

Truly iconic moments of this year were the 18th September 2017, 8th January 2018 and the 16th April 2018. Why? Because that is when my bank account got a health injection. Thank you, Student Finance England.

toby beyonce


The first thing I’d like to point out is the system needs changing because while others were struggling to pay their rent, I was spending most of my finance on Starbucks, as I live at home. I have an addiction that will be addressed after pumpkin spice latte season.

toby square

Other highlights of first year would be the amazing friends I made, the release of Taylor Swift’s new album and then seeing Taylor Swift live.

Overall, an amazing year and I hope the next two are just as great!

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