Moving home for the summer – what I’m missing about Manchester (Georgie)

Georgie circleIt’s been almost 2 months since I left Manchester for the summer and it is safe to say I am definitely looking forward to being back there in September. Although it has been nice being back at home with my family and being able to see my home friends, I am now starting to miss being in Manchester. I miss city life, being in walking distance of everything I could need or want- loads of things going on, things to do.  I miss the friends I have made. Most of all, I miss the freedom that comes with uni life, living alone with no parents around to monitor what I am up to.

Back home for me is a small town with not much going on so in comparison it is very dull. I find myself struggling to find inspiration for cheap fun things to do here whereas in Manchester there was plenty. A lack of funds doesn’t help as I am lucky to live really close to London, but train tickets and general costs are so expensive that me and my friends rarely go there, result is us being a bit stuck. It makes me very appreciative of the proximity of my accommodation, back at uni, to the city centre.

georgie - bankruptcy

Even my friends from home don’t live that near to me, they live a few towns over which is a car ride away. Going from being at uni when your friends are either living with you or extremely close by to having to get in a car for 25 minutes to be able to see your pals isn’t ideal and something I have been missing a lot.

georgie - i love my friends

It has been so lovely seeing all my home friends while we have all been home from uni and spending time together but I have also at the same time been missing my uni friends. Unfortunately, all of them live quite far away from me which makes visiting them a bit of a struggle for me but we keep in contact and I am so excited to being reunited in September.

Not only am I looking forward to being reunited with the people but the place itself Manchester with all it has to offer, all the shops and bars. There isn’t much by way of nightlife round my home town, so I can’t wait to be back at uni and do freshers week all over again and also enjoy all the events going on throughout the year.

I have also missed my regular trips to the Northern Quarter, wandering around all the little vintage shops seeing what stock they had and if I could find any hidden gems. As well as all the other larger retail stores around the city.

There have even been things that I have missed that I really didn’t think I would like cooking my own meals, being able to pick what I am going to eat and cooking it all myself- but I am pretty sure the novelty of that will wear off quickly when I am back at uni.

masterchef - georgie

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