Meet our study abroad blogger, Hannah

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao I’m Hannah, I’m 23 and speaking languages is my passion! I’m about to embark on my Erasmus year journey as part of my degree. I am going to study for a year in Murcia, Spain.

At MMU, I study English literature with Spanish studies as an joint honours, as well as studying Italian as an extra unit. I have come to love my degree even though there are times I have language brain freezes and forget to speak my own language “bye-lingual”.


However! learning languages has forever pushed me and moved me forward as well as planning what career I would or could get into 😊.

Here are a few things to know about me and I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts over the next year about my life in Spain!

  1. Wanderlust is a must

There is an Italian phrase ‘fare un giro’ which means to go on a wander however if you literally translate into English it means ‘to take a turn’. I personally love this funny phrase, and if you ask any of my friends they would say “Hannah is never in one place”. Unless, I’m in Manchester for uni but even there I tend to go on a wander or if I’m being Italian ‘take many turns’. I have loved visiting new places and I’m fortunate to have family that live abroad. Moreover, I have had great Au-pair experiences in Italy and France which has allowed me to travel without spending loads of money and even save up prior to starting the academic year. Whatever the circumstance I always try to get away mainly for my need for the sunshine! That golden beam feel you get after spending time in the sun tho …

Nick Cage

  1. Bookaholic

As an English literature student, I can read A LOT in a day. Sometimes, I even surprise myself with the amount of reading I get done. Libraries and book shops give me that awe sensation as if an artist walks into an art shop or when you walk into your favourite shop and there is a sale. (That “OMG I love everything in here” voice starts echoing in your head!). Books are also a great way to relax for me, I love making a cup of tea getting comfy and start reading for hours, especially when your next to a window and it’s raining outside (AWHHH). However, I have a tendency to only read in English so this year I’ve set myself a goal to focus on reading only Spanish or Italian books 😊 Any recommendations welcomed!


  1. Life in the big city

My home town is the Kendal in the Lake District where I have had the loveliest memories growing up from a young age. Moving to MMU and moving to Manchester in general was a massive step for me. Despite the transition being difficult, I’m happy to say how at home I feel in Manchester now 💕. This is because of the people I have met but also the amount of cultural and music events that happen here. Events like these, allow me to develop more as a person and my interests for languages and cultures! (I would highly recommend salsa nights at Revolution de Cuba every Wednesday 🎶

lisa simpson

  1. Animal lover

When I come home to Kendal from Manchester, there is not a happier site then when my 2 completely mad cocker spaniels welcome me back. This usually consists of me being taken down to the floor and slobbered by their licks (ew I know) as if I’ve been gone for years. However finally, they move away to look at me with those puss-in boots eyes 💕.

puss in boots

I absolutely love animals since from a young age, so much that I actually decided to become vegetarian about a year ago and have not looked back since 😊. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be me in the future…..


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