Starting my second year at uni (Georgie)

It’s September and we all know what that means, back to school season has begun. Or back to university for me, similar to starting back at school, apart from you aren’t just buying new stationery but also furniture and household supplies.

Second year lectures start next week and I am eager to get back into my course and hear about all the projects that lay ahead in my next year of university, because I actually really enjoy the work. My course is BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion and it involves a lot of big projects and is very coursework based, so there is always something creative to be working on. There has already been mention of potential course trips, and industry reps coming in to speak about their companies and all sorts of exciting opportunities for us to get involved in.

georgie - thumbs up

As well as the work, I am also enjoying the fun that comes with a new year at uni. Another freshers week!  A week of going out with my friends who I haven’t seen basically all summer. What is good about it being my second time doing freshers is that this time I  actually know what on earth is going on. Last year I had arrived in a completely new city, I knew no one, I didn’t know where was good to go out or what to do, I just followed my housemates. It will be nice this year to be less clueless and feel less intimidated and terrified by being in a new city and have familiar faces around me.

georgie - ok

Also, along with Welcome Week comes a whole new set of students arriving in the city, people starting university straight for school, people coming after having time out from education, people doing a masters etc. That’s a lot of new people around to meet and potentially befriend. So, I am also looking forward to making some new friends in my second year.

Another thing that I am enjoying about university is living in my new student accommodation.   I’m living in a flat with one other girl who I also lived with in my halls of residence in my first year. What’s nice about second year is that you get to choose who you live with; that’s assuming you don’t go back into halls, in which case you get a brand-new set of housemates. Like I mentioned earlier, a new year at uni requires buying some household supplies both essential and also of course things you don’t even need but want anyway. I recommend a university Ikea trip for all you could ever want and need for your new flat/ house, plus it’s a fun day out and they do good food.

A big thing that I cannot wait for is to be able to sleep in till 12 on my days off of university without my family judging me. Peace at last.

georgie - cinderella

Good luck to everyone starting a new year at university!

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