My year abroad so far (Hannah)

It’s now been over a month that I have been in lovely España. Despite a few challenges, I’m so happy to say that I have settled in well and loving my new home.

Here are a few of the things that I have experienced so far on my Erasmus year.

Chances to see different places

I have been given the chnace to see lots of different places thanks to an amazing group called ESN who plan trips to see different cities and create events for Erasmus students.  I have taken part in city tours, beach days and even a free walking tour which has helped me feel more settled in the city of Murcia 😊. Through these trips I have met other students studying abroad and we have organised some of our own trips, such as ‘El salto de Usero’ the gorgeous water cave you can see in this picture.

hannah - el salto

Hablar Español

These trips would not have happened if I did not think to talk to other students in my class who happened to be on their Erasmus year also. Sometimes going up to people and starting a conversation can be nerve-racking, especially in a different language. Nevertheless, I’m so happy I got out of comfort zone and spoke to people sitting next to me. Moreover, despite it being a challenge speaking in Spanish every day at the beginning. What has definitely helped me out is not only living with Spanish students, but also, tandem evenings and  creating my own vocab book for learning new words that I hear every day *smart glasses on and smile* 🙂

dog in glasses


I’m not going to lie, the warm weather and great food has helped with not feeling homesick. However, a few adjustments have surprised me. For instance, my classes can start at 9am and I still have others at 8 in the evening. Moreover, heating up water in a microwave and not by a kettle feels simply unnatural for any Brit that loves tea as much as I do. However, what I love so far on my year abroad is how open and friendly people are here. In addition to this, seeing a flamenco show with friends one night. I made an attempt to try clapping my hands to the rhythm of the music which is called ‘Palmas’. But honestly I kinda just ended up looking like this. Lol. Hopefully I will improve!


Overall, Murcia itself is a lovely city with a lot of history if you ever would like to visit or planning to have your Erasmus year in Spain here a few pics to take a look at!

collage of Murcia images

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