The best vegetarian places to eat in Manchester (Georgie)

Whether you are a full-blown vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian then Manchester has a wide range of places to eat, with more and more places opening all the time. So, if you’re looking for some good veggie food options where a stuffed mushroom isn’t the only thing you can order on the menu, here are a few places I have would recommend. 

Fuel Café

Fuel Café is a cosy little place in Withington,which if you are living in Fallowfield like me, is just a few minutes on the bus. Their menu is fully veggie and they serve things such as wraps, salads and burgers. The highlight of this place is their amazing veggie (and vegan) breakfasts which are a must eat. There is also a place called Toast next door which also has vegetarian and vegan full English breakfast options as well as meat options.

Fuel Cafe, 448 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 3BW

Boho Utopia

Boho Utopia,again in Withington, is a colourful café. They describe themselves as a ‘hippie hideout’, starting as a creative coffee shop they have now developed into a 100% vegan café. This place is super fun and friendly, with a great atmosphere and a real sense of community. You won’t be able to miss it, the outside of the store is bright purple.

 485 Wilmslow Rd,Manchester M20 4AN

V Rev

Basically, Vegan junk food. It looks like a classic burger joint, red-boothed diner serving burgers and hot dogs except there is no meat in sight and they taste as good as the real deal. So, you can have a big fat burger without the moral guilt. They also do amazing milkshakes. For my vegan pals there is a small shop at the back which sells vegan alternatives to things like ice- cream, cheese and mayo. 

V REV,20-26 Edge Street, M4 1HN

Eighth Day Vegetarian café and Shop

Eighth Day can be found on Oxford road, directly opposite the All Saints campus. On the ground floor is a well-stocked health food shop that offers a wide range of organic vegetarian and vegan food, as well as body care,medicines and household goods that are veggie friendly too. They also have a cafe downstairs offering a range of butties, soups salads and smoothies.

Eighth Day Vegetarian Cafe and Shop, 111 Oxford Road, M1 7DU

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