What you can expect from a Manchester Met Visit Day (Latifa)

I know you might be nervous about starting university and making a decision on which one to choose. You might also be nervous about coming to a Visit Day. Speaking from experience, I would recommend coming to a Visit Day, so you can avoid any stress on the first day of term, as you will already have a clear picture of where things are on campus and what your course entails. Here is what you can expect from a Manchester Met Visit Day…

A Visit Day is for people that have applied to study here and is a chance for you to meet tutors for your subject and ask questions about the course. There is even a chance for you to meet current students studying the course you have applied for, and you can ask them their opinions on what they really think about the course and what it is like to study here. During your Visit Day you will be able to go to taster lectures and workshops. This gives you an insight on how your life as a university student will be.

Coming to a Visit Day is also really beneficial for people that will be living in student accommodation because they can get to know their surroundings of where they could be living. Also, on your visit day you get to go to the Library and see IT facilities, so you have a good idea of where to go to at the start of term. This is great since there are SO many buildings. Knowing which one you’re in really does help with any anxiety. But don’t worry if you do get a bit lost at the start of term, there will be students and staff all over campus that will help you if you do not know where you are going, Everyone is SO friendly and it has been everyone’s first day at one time or another.

My personal experience of coming to a Visit Day was that it made me want to make Manchester Met my firm choice as I really loved speaking to the staff and students. They were really friendly and understanding of my situation unlike the other universities I visited.  My main objective with picking a university was that I was comfortable and Manchester Met made me feel that.

The questions that I asked my prospective tutors was “how is the work load?” The tutor told me that there is a lot of reading so if you don’t like reading the course wouldn’t be for you. Luckily I do 🙂

I also asked some student ambassadors about how they are finding university and what to expect, their advice to me was to make sure you do your work on time and attend lectures and seminars so you can get the best grade possible and get the most our of your experience.

I found attending a Visit Day to be very helpful, you really do get an insight on how your university life may be, so If you do have time to go please do.

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  1. Fatima says:

    Acc very helpful! Definitely coming in for the visit day!


    1. Man Met Uni says:

      Thanks Fatima, I hope you enjoy your visit day.


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