Spotlight on BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion (Georgie)

The course I do at Manchester Metropolitan is BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion. This is a highly creative course that allows me to explore various promotional methods in the fashion industry.

Course units are highly flexible in terms of submissions, allowing you to adapt your studies to individual interests as well as experimenting with new skills.

You can also collaborate with other creatives on units. The course content supports my development in a wide range of creative areas including, photography, videography, styling, brand communication, CAD and graphic design, website and app design and social media.

For example, a project we are currently doing is working towards producing a digital promotional material for a chosen designer. This particular unit has been in collaboration with designer Matty Bovan which has been a great experience. At the end of the unit, a few students will even get the opportunity to present their project portfolio to Matty himself and get feedback.

Weekly, we have multiple workshops in areas such as illustration, styling and moving image to help guide us along the way. Our time is dived up into a combination of these workshops, along with contextual lectures and our own research.

As well as our creative output, we also have to produce a design process journal, this is common with our submissions are it allows us to show our thoughts analysis behind final outcomes. This unit is an example of how this course can be tailored to your own interests as I could pick a designer whose style I related to, and I am also being supported by my tutor in going down an illustrative route for my output

The course is also underpinned with business content and cultural and contextual theory. An example of a more business weighted submission was a report about marketing strategies. However, even though this was a piece of writing there was also a creative element as we had to consider how we would lay out and present the report. This was great for developing our written communication and knowledge of industry.

BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion is a coursework based degree, and throughout the year you are constantly working towards submission deadlines rather than having exams at the end of the academic year. You aren’t working on more than two units at a time, which allows you to focus on the projects. The deadlines are also nicely spread out.

The way units are taught is mostly through seminars, due to the interactive nature of the course. The classroom style of teaching allows more discussion between students and tutors.  However, there are also lectures alongside these and more so with business units.

Check out my Fashion Promotion Instagram account (ghale_fp) for examples of some of the projects I have worked on while I have been at uni!

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