Preparing for job interviews (Toby)

In my last post, I guided you through the process of writing a CV and look at you now – I’m so proud.

However, there is still much work to be done.

It’s time for part two of this brutal process – preparing for an interview.

(That gif was me applying for the job to write these blogs).

First things first, you need to look smart.

This doesn’t mean you have to buy a black-tie suit worth thousands of pounds, but rather you look like you have put effort in, that you care and that this job matters to you

So – shower, wear something smart (that is clean and ironed) and smell good!

Even if you think the job you’re applying to is menial (and maybe it is) that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put the effort in. In my eyes, it makes it even more important because more people will apply for said job and when it comes down to it, who are they going to pick – the one who put the effort in or the one who didn’t?

And finally, to show up messy is just rude. I know for a fact I wouldn’t hire someone without this basic necessity – even if they were the only person that applied.

Moving swiftly on! DO. YOUR. RESEARCH.

Wherever you’re applying to, whether it be a massive conglomerate or a small independent shop, you need to find out what is important to them. For the big chains, this is much easier as you can just use our little friend google. Memorise their motto, read through their values and bam you’re ready – but you can go further.

A step further would be, and your only option for the small shop, is to go see the job in action. Get a lowdown of what some of the current employees are doing, and role play as a customer. Go in and ask yourself “what would make me happier as a customer?” and then use that to your advantage. But that’s not where your research ends…

You need to do some general research. Interviews all tend to follow a similar process with the same questions being thrown at you but just framed differently.

For example, I can GUARANTEE you that you will be asked a question about teamwork. You know what, I can go one step further and say I GUARANTEE you they’ll ask, “Give us an example of when you worked as team.”

And I bet right now you’re looking back on your life thinking you’ve spent it completely in isolation.

If you did that, you’re thinking too hard. These types of questions aren’t looking for an answer where it ended up with you saving a life but just evidence of you being a team-player. It could literally be something as simple as “I went camping with my friends and we reached that dreaded part of having to put up a tent, but we KILLED it sis and let me tell you why.”

But maybe say it in a more formal manner.

Overall, just relax. This isn’t an interrogation. They don’t ask questions to see if you can do the job but rather to make sure that you suit the job. They hate the interview process just as much as you do so they want to find someone that wants the job, can do the job and will stick with the job. Show those qualities and you’re on the road to success.

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