Deciding between subjects. How I chose my degree (Latifa)

Choosing a subject to study at university might be easy for some, but for others like me I did not know which subject to do until I looked at these determining factors. Let’s take a look….

Geoffrey Manton Building

So, in my particular situation after my 2 years of college I went on and took a gap year, I did not know I what I wanted to do for a career after I finished university, so I looked into other options like doing an apprenticeship or working full time. I did end up working full-time while resitting my A-levels and It was not for me.

During my time working in retail, I really did not love it as much as I hoped, so I looked at the subjects available at university. For me, it was a decision between BA (Hons) English with Creative Writing or BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS. I knew I wanted to do teaching but I want to teach a subject I knew I was going to love and that is English. So I decided to do English with Creative Writing Foundation Year route, and hopefully do a PGCE after I graduate so I can teach Secondary English.

Oxford St, Manchester

When I was deciding on my course I went to open days. They were informative and helped me to understand what to expect in seminars and lectures and how we were going to be assessed. Student Ambassadors were there too to talk about their personal experience and I could really see if the course was for me.

The best advice I could give is to choose a subject you love since you will be the one attending the lectures and seminars and if you don’t like you would not want to go same goes for doing the assignments if you don’t love what you’re doing your less likely going to succeed.

So, choosing your degree you need to research A LOT I used the University’s website to start my initial understanding, I then used The Student Room to see what others felt about the course which gave me a clear understanding and finally, I attended an open day and spoke to students and lecturers to finalise my university choice and degree choice.

St. Peter’s Square, Manchester

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