Saving money over the summer (Toby)

Saving money over summer is vital as a student because eventually September comes swinging round again with your landlord wanting a big fat slice of your student finance and leaving you with nothing.

So, if you want to eat this autumn or eat better this autumn, I am here to help.

Hopefully, your parents are hosting you this summer…and feeding you. But if you’re not that lucky, it’s time to start making your own lunches and start bulk buying,

Buying in bulk prevents you from going to the shop more times than you need to, thus avoiding any unnecessary spending. Furthermore, you usually get more bang for your buck when you buy in bulk. It’s best to buy things that have an expiry date longer than your lifespan like rice, tinned products, etc.

Look how cute that rice is.


Products that have a short shelf life, see if you can buy frozen versions instead as they last longer so you’ll waste less (such as fruit and vegetables) or freeze products you know you won’t use in time, like bread. Anything you can’t freeze, buy the smallest possible amount you can and use it all.

When it comes to choosing where to shop, only choose places with a student discount. You will save loads if you just become savvy with your shopping. Literally, right now just Google “places near me with a student discount” and move all forms of shopping in your life to the places you see before you.

Now It’s time to add some exercise into your life and learn how to cycle. I don’t want to be too presumptuous and assume you already know how to cycle but I hope you do. Get that old bike out your garage and cycle EVERYWHERE. Stop buying bus or train tickets, stop wasting petrol and CYCLE GODDAMMIT. THINK OF THE PLANET (and your wallet).

 If saving money isn’t really your style, then guess what? It’s time to start earning money.

First and foremost, if you haven’t already, get a job. Obviously, as the younger generation we’re not heathens and use the internet to do this. Go on sites like and search for specific jobs in your area. You can upload your CV and apply for many jobs at a time so apply for as many as you can.

Download apps that allow you to sell your old things so you can not only make some money but also de-clutter your life! Furthermore, you might be able to find things on there that you love that’ll be much cheaper than anything on the high street. (I’ll also use this point to say go to charity shops for some great bargains).

Overall, you just need to be monitoring your spending. Look at your bank statements and study it. Reduce your spending in anyway possible. Cancel things you don’t need, want or use. Only spend when you need to and be savvy about it. Reduce your outgoings and increase your income. It’s that simple. It’s like the opposite of a diet really.

You can do THIS!

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