How I’m going to use my degree to achieve my career plans (Izzy)

Since the EU Referendum in 2016, I’ve had my head in every political and financial article I can find. To say I’ve enjoyed reading about the uncertainty since would be the wrong word…but it has intrigued me. Part of what has kept my interest after almost 3 years is the writing by financial and political journalists, such as Andrew Ross Sorkin, David Smith, and Laura Kuenssberg.

These last 3 years have helped me realise that I want to be like these people. I want to report on financial and political news, in the hopes to inform and discuss issues in the UK and try to inspire teenagers like myself to take an interest in a subject which is undertaught at schools, but so incredibly important to British life.

In order to get anywhere in this line of work, I realised I needed a background in either politics or economics…hence why I chose to do both at university. During my course I’ve managed to develop a full understanding of global economics and politics, which will hopefully allow me to write about it in depth.

I was thinking of doing a year in industry in September, and although it would have been a great way to network and meet new people; the final year modules that I am going to be study next year really interested me and I can’t wait to get started on studying them, such as the Economics of Brexit and Global Politics.

Instead of doing a year in industry, I’m hoping to do a Masters in Journalism after my degree, which will also help with getting a job as a financial journalist.

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