My Manchester bucket list, what I have and haven’t done yet. (Izzy)

Living in Manchester is amazing, it unlocks so many new experiences for students who choose to study here.

I am from Herefordshire, which is a really rural area where – if I’m honest – nothing much happens. Don’t get me wrong, I love my rural background just as much as I love living in Manchester to study, but they’re so different. I knew I wanted to be a student in a city, so that I could have loads of new and exciting opportunities. So here are some of the things I’ve experienced in Manchester:

Warehouse Project: Warehouse Project is a company that organises music events, and they do a lot of them in Manchester. I’ve been to see their events twice now, and each time has been unique. They’re usually set up in underground venues or under bridges, and it’s just a really cool experience, one that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t gone to study in Manchester.

Almost Famous: This is a burger restaurant, which has two restaurants in Manchester (with one in Liverpool and one in Leeds). It’s a chain which isn’t heard of outside of the north, and so coming from the south it was new and really really delicious!

Football: Manchester is very well known for being home to two of the biggest clubs in English football, and going to see either club is an unforgettable experience. I have supported Manchester City since I was about 9 (because I liked the colour of their kit, so much so I insisted on getting my bedroom painted “City blue” when we moved house), so going to watch them play at the Etihad was unbelievable. Manchester is also home to  the National Football Museum, so if you love football, a visit to Manchester should definitely be on your bucket list!

Parklife: A festival, staged in Heaton Park every June. I went this year, and although it rained constantly across the weekend, it was still a lot of fun (even if we did have to go through several waterproof ponchos). It’s a no-camping festival, which meant that every night you can go home to a warm bed and have a nice warm shower. It’s a lot cheaper to go if you live in Manchester because you already have accommodation, and although hotel prices can be expensive, it is definitely worth going.

Those were some of the things I’ve done in Manchester so far, and here are some things that are yet to be checked off my Bucket List:

YES: One of many music venues across Manchester, and as the city is so well known for it’s music talent, it’s a no brainer that I want to go to visit some up and coming bands and artists while I live here.

Pankhurst Centre: Part of the Pankhurst Centre was the home of Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters SylviaChristabel and Adela and the birthplace of the suffragette movement. So this year I plan on visiting and learning more about the inspirational women who helped me in so many ways, even before I was born. It’s also about a 15 minute walk from university, which means there’s no excuse not to go!

Manchester Pride: Over the August Bank Holiday, Manchester Pride will be taking place, and it’s definitely an event I want to experience. Whether you’re gay or an ally, this will be an experience like no other.

Fazenda: Fazenda’s is an all-you-can-eat steak restaurant, which I REALLY want to go to. It’s very well known in Manchester so I cant wait to see what all the hype is about.

So there they are, the things I have and haven’t done in Manchester! I’m hoping to check all those things off my Bucket List by the time I finish my degree, and that is a promise!

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