My plans for over the summer (Sophie)

That’s right, you’ve (or I have) just completed your first year of university and it’s time to celebrate!

Right?… Well for many students the summer months hit your finances the hardest, even with the free time to get a summer job, it is a struggle for most of us. The summer loan is the smallest, despite the two sets of rent you’ll pay – for student halls in first year then deposits, rent and bills for your second year house. If you’ve drawn the short straw like me that’ll also include the expenses to deep clean and decorate the smallest room in your student house…

This summer will be tight but will that stop me from dipping into my hard-earned savings to enjoy myself anyway? You’d be absolutely right my friend. Last month I went to Download Festival (again) the UK’s biggest metal festival with loads of my current and old favourite bands, such as Slipknot, Three Days Grace and Smashing Pumpkins. Despite the weather, I loved every second. If you haven’t had the chance to cover yourself in mud, starve yourself and party with your friends in a field – well why not?

Drownload 2019

I have also booked a mini holiday to Amsterdam at the end of the month. With a look around for cheap flights and an Airbnb with friends a weekend away can cost way less than you might think.

Despite my crippling finical situation, I decided my summer was best spent making memories with friends and family. To help me afford this I’ve got a summer job as a waitress for a cocktail bar and at three weeks on the job I have already accidentally served a pregnant women alcohol and spilt a drink over a woman during her 50th birthday tapas party… But hey I don’t get paid enough to be embarrassed.

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