Returning home from my year abroad (Hannah)

Welcome back! In this post, I will be highlighting the main challenges of adjusting back to the UK as well as getting all nostalgic about finishing my year abroad in Spain.

Summer and last moments in Murcia

This summer was incredibly significant for me as I went to Peru for six weeks to visit family who live there. It was interesting and funny to hear the differences between Spain Spanish and Latin American Spanish! As well as exploring the beautiful and vast country that is Peru! If you ever get the chance to go you will not regret your time spent there.  

Machu Picchu ❤
In Peru, and most of Latin America, the word for car is  ‘Carro’ or ‘Auto’ however in Spain the word for Car is ‘Coche’

Also, my last moments in Murcia were just as heart-warming, taking last minute trips (I went to Cartagena and it was Beeeautiful!), finishing my exams and saying see you later to new friends that I made whilst over there and hope to visit sometime in the near future ❤

Home is where the heart is?

It is safe to say that I felt completely at home in Murcia and settled well into Spanish life. So, understandably the idea of moving back to the UK was difficult at first to get my head around. One of things that I miss is undoubtedly the sunny weather, but also, just being able to speak Spanish on a daily basis. It was a challenge at first speaking it every day but I finally got used to it and enjoyed doing it. I will never forget the moment I started using Spanish expressions and slang words that made me feel so Spanish! *clapping hands* ahaha.

Above all though, I miss the friends that I made including my Spanish housemates that made me feel so at home. And not forgetting the food! Such as the mouth-watering fresh fruit and veg, I miss having easy access to this at a good price.

My love for food ❤

Having said that, it is great to be back in Manchester and Manchester Met! My time in Spain has made me realise what I do love about the UK and I’m now indulging in home comforts ❤ Sunday roasts anyone? I’m also looking forward to using the skills that I learnt during my time in Spain and applying them to my final year of uni.

For example, I feel that my confidence has improved a lot this year. In Murcia, my ditzy self broke a glass shelf in the bathroom and I had to work out how to get it replaced in Spanish. Moments like this really helped me to develop my Spanish, which was the goal of doing an Erasmus year.

I also succeeded in learning some flamenco dancing! Ole! And improved my cooking by far. I made more of an effort with what I was eating, looked up new recipes and listened to some newfound Spanish music that motivated me to enjoy cooking! Take a listen 😊

Overall, my experience doing a year abroad was definitely an unforgettable one and I urge anyone who has the opportunity to take it! You will see how it develops you as an individual with lots of great moments along the way 😊

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