My first month abroad (Toby)

I’ve actually only been abroad for two weeks so far so let’s rename this My First Two Weeks Abroad. I didn’t want to make it the true title because it’s not as catchy. So, let’s begin. Travelling is a NIGHTMARE!

The first half actually went quite smoothly. I had to catch three flights. THREE! The first one went from Manchester to London. Handed in my bags, got through security, caught the flight. Time flew by.

The second flight went smoothly too.

The only problem was the fact it was a 10-hour flight and was so uncomfortable, but there was plenty of entertainment. Unfortunately, Dallas was where it all went wrong.

I arrive in Dallas and the immigration queue was THE longest queue I have EVER SEEN. So I got to stand in that. Fun. The whole time I was terrified and stressed because all I could think about was AM I GOING TO CATCH MY NEXT FLIGHT? I got through immigration with about ten minutes to get to my flight. I start running but I had to get my bags and transfer them. Now I have less time. Then I had to go through security again and that is where I lost all hope. BUT THEN – I look at my phone once I’m past security and the flight was delayed (I wonder why?) so I’m once again running. Of course my flight was at the furthest possible place. I had to catch a BUS, then go down like five escalators and when I get there she just closes the door and says to me ‘I have to let the flight go.’

Let us take a moment of silence.

So I had to book a hotel, which luckily I got for free. It wasn’t too bad but I obviously just felt so uncomfortable and scared. I got to the hotel eventually and went to sleep. And then the next day began.

I’VE ARRIVED. So, I’ll be honest the first week or so was rough. I felt so alone. I felt like I’d made a mistake. I missed everything.

Some other bad things include, the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte doesn’t taste as good as the UK version, American universities expect you to do a lot more and to PAY FOR EVERYTHING. I can assure you right now, I am NOT paying for a textbook.

Now let’s look at the positives. It is BEAUTIFUL HERE.

I have a double bed, my room is HUGE and I’m finally starting to cook like I’ve always wanted to!

You can get food delivered to you here by ROBOTS. The idea is cool but my god it is freaky. The robot speaks to you. I was scared.

There’s two Starbucks on campus. And a bajillion other amazing places to eat. Especially this place that serves burritos. I’ve already gone too many times.

Taylor Swift’s new album came out and obviously they are all bops, which got me through a lot of stress. My housemates are both lovely and so generous! Lexie took me to Target to buy all my things and Lucian lets me use all this cooking equipment. Honestly, I’m a kept man. They are basically my new parents. That was creepy to say.

ANYWAY, I’m also able to do other things besides psychology here so I’ve taken a poetry and a criminology class and I’m really enjoying them so far! I also had an interview at Starbucks and that went really well so here’s hoping!

Also, I’ve obviously lived a privileged life. I always found it mind boggling that people didn’t eat. I’d be like WHY?! HOW?! But now that I have to buy all my food myself, cook it all myself and clean everything myself. Well, now I understand. I’m still eating don’t worry but my god I’m definitely spending more time hungry just because I simply just cannot be bothered.

Overall, I’m still settling in (and also waiting for my bank to get it together and send me my student finance) but I still don’t want to come home no matter how much I miss it. Here’s to the next few months.

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