Graduating – how uni helped me get my job in more ways than one (Alice)

Over the years, September has always been an important month for me. Whether it was the start of a new school year, starting university, and now it’s even more important as it’s the month I officially started my first graduate role after (finally!) finishing my masters.

Whilst I was studying my masters, I decided to keep an open mind when applying for my first proper full-time job. As I’d previously worked for quite a few companies whilst doing internships, I started to get a feel for the type of role I’d be most suited and happy in. I was aiming for a creative role that would allow me to be versatile in the way I carried out work. I also wanted to work somewhere that was fast-paced and would give me the chance to progress within the future.

Little did I know I’d find my future role on a course unit called Live Client Brief. The main aim of this unit is to work as part of a group to gain industry experience. Each group is assigned a real-life client who they produce a brief for to help them with their business. We had a variety of clients this year – one big one was Manchester City Football Club!

My client was a yarn company in Blackburn that were looking to increase awareness through marketing. After a long few months of group work, we finally presented our report and presentation and the client loved it. I had been the client liaison in the group so had built up a good working relationship with my future boss. Therefore, when the time came, he approached me and offered me a full-time job to implement the marketing strategies we had outlined in our report. It was a no brainer, I had to accept!

The main aim of this blog post is to say that you may come across opportunities that you’d never even thought of. I didn’t ever expect to be in the role that I am now, however Manchester Met has offered so many amazing things in the one short year I’ve studied here – it’s up to you to grab those opportunities when they come along.

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