Why I left my study abroad (Toby)


I left America.

And here’s why.

All in all, there was nothing wrong with America. I was actually enjoying myself! My roommates were kind, generous and even supportive after I decided to leave. I loved all the new food I got to try, and I was looking forward to my law and poetry classes. But there was just one problem, and it was the one thing I truly didn’t expect to happen. I missed home.

I’m not trying to say don’t go on your study abroad. I WISH I still could have done it. But alas, I’m weak. So, let’s break this down because I want you to be able to do your study abroad so let’s make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

I am the king of introverts. I once spent my entire summer in my room, and it is still to this day one of the best summers I ever had. THAT is how introverted I am. I have never organised to do anything with anyone, they always come to me. I have never missed anyone or ever felt lonely. Therefore, when it came to me moving to America, I didn’t even consider for the slightest second that I would miss anyone or anything. Brutal I know, love to anyone I may know who could be reading this xxx

But as soon as I arrived in America, I suddenly started to miss everything. I even missed my job? What a freak.

So, lesson one – make sure you think about everything. Hate your job? Will you miss it? Love nights out? Would you love your host country’s nights out? Love beans? Will they have them? (America didn’t – RIP) THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING!

 My next piece of advice is to do so much more research! When I arrived, I knew I had to pay my rent and for health insurance but then there were all these other fees that I did not expect! I felt like I was paying council tax honestly. What is a “green fee”? Contact me when you have an answer.

My next suggestion is to look into how to open a bank account in your destination country BEFORE you go. I faced a lot of issues with this. It’s a long story but I ended up getting some compensation, so you win some you lose some 😉

Overall, I’m glad I did this. I learned I am capable of a LOT. I learned to travel across the world by MYSELF and when I encountered problems (missing my final flight) I was able to deal with the problem and solve it all by MYSELF!

I got to try so many new things, I got to explore a whole new city/state/country, I got to cook some amazing meals, I got to experience American culture, university and people. But most of all, I learnt how much I loved my life. I think originally, when I wanted to go, I wasn’t happy with my life. Now, I am 🙂

I love my boyfriend. My Mum. My dogs. My job. My friends. My university (especially since thanks to their support, I was able to go abroad and able to return when I decided it wasn’t for me). Here’s to more of this thing we call life!

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