10 great places to eat in Manchester (Michaela)

Let me enlighten you hungry, hungry students. Are you tired of greasy takeaways? Don’t worry, let me tell you my favourite places to fill my belly.

1. Chimaek

If you love fried chicken, this is the place to be. Situated just not far from the Business School, this cosy little restaurant boasts a menu of various flavours (I personally recommend getting the Soy Garlic!) In between lectures, why not treat yourself to some crispy chicken or fight the cold, Mancunian weather with a hotpot?

2. Northern Soul

Comfort food at its finest, my friends. I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE cheese. Nothing feels better than sinking your teeth into the crispy bread and melty-gooey deliciousness of a good grilled cheese; Northern Soul is the BEST. They also serve mac and cheese… but why not combine both of them? Yes, they do that. It’s called the Mac Attack. Thank me later.

3. Pasta Factory

Think fresh pasta made in-house. Near the Northern Quarter, you can experience authentic pasta and tasty creative recipes. Yes, I’m aware a classic student meal is a good old spag bol but why not venture out a little bit?

4. Oke Poke

This one has to be one of my favourite places to eat. This Hawaiian cuisine is healthy and delicious. You can choose from one of the many menu items or build your own! All ingredients are fresh, the portions are hefty and they offer student discount! Dig in without feeling guilty about your body or your bank account.

5. Sakura

Do you like a challenge? Why not try and see exactly how much sushi you can devour? This place offers all-you-can-eat Japanese food that you order from a tablet at your table. You don’t have to cook, and you don’t have to get up? Genius.

6. Moose Coffee

If you have a particularly big appetite, you should definitely pay this place a visit. The York Street branch offers an expansive menu of loaded meals, perfect for brunch! They serve meaty feasts and sweet treats alongside a good cup of coffee. What’s not to love?

7. Brewski

Gravy on chips and cheesy chips’ lovechild. POUTINE. You HAVE to try it. Thank you, Canadians.

8. Wasabi

Same concept as YO! Sushi but more affordable. Plus, if you go to the branch in Chinatown, they have a dessert room which offers authentic Asian sweet treats. I personally love the Snow Ice!

9. Azuma

The best Korean BBQ place just less than a ten-minute walk away from campus! Bring some friends along and get grilling! This requires you actually working to make your meal but, as a reluctant cook myself, even I enjoy this experience. It can be great fun and a nice way to bond with your pals.

10. Crazy Pedro’s

If you’re a pizza lover but you’re tired of the same old toppings, give Pedro’s pizza a go. They have two branches, one of which is cosily nestled in Northern Quarter, so you know it’s trendy. Bring your student ID and get a whole pizza for £10. My favourite is the Fried Chicken + Waffles!

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