Choosing somewhere to live at University (Amber)


Choosing somewhere to live whilst at Uni can honestly be one of the hardest decisions. There’s so much student accommodation to choose from so it could be a bit overwhelming. However, with so much choice there’s almost definitely somewhere that will fit what you’re looking for. I’ve even put together a selection just to help you out. Thank me later!

Personally, in my first year I stayed in Needham Court and absolutely loved it! The accommodation is only a 5-minute walk away from most of the university buildings so it’s perfect if you’re lazy like me. And as a result, not far from the city centre and all the bars and clubs you might want to go to. The place in itself is also just really nice with spacious rooms and kitchens, all with 3/4 beds and en-suite’s (so you do not have to worry about grabbing the shower before anyone else). Living there, you would be sharing a flat with around 4-8 people (I shared with 8) so it is pretty social and great for making friends! It’s not overly expensive but it really depends on the price range you’re looking for. Standard rooms at Needham are £157 a week but you are in the centre of everything so I couldn’t recommend enough.

Very close to Needham is Cambridge, which is a lot cheaper from £112 a week for most rooms! It is slightly less fancy than Needham but my friends really enjoyed it. The only difference with Cambridge is the single beds and shared bathrooms but it really depends how important that is to you. Other than that, Cambridge is basically everything you need. The flats have pretty large kitchens and you can share with up to 10 people, the minimum being 4 so you have the options of both a really social flat or even a slightly quieter one. Once again it’s super close to everything so you don’t have to worry about travel at all.

Speaking of being social, one of the accommodations that hosts the most people would be Birley, the townhouses have 12 people in them. The rooms are well sized and the kitchen is pretty big so you’ve got plenty of space. It’s perfect if you’re a social butterfly and it really does seem like a fun place to be. It’s also not painfully expensive at £147.50 a week which might be suitable for you. Oh and don’t worry, each flat also shares a bathroom between two so you won’t have 12 people fighting to get into one!

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Besides these styles of accommodations, you can get a studio in Cavendish Place (right near Needham & Cambridge) for only £224 a week, which comes with its own private kitchen!

And there are plenty of rooms pretty similar to Needham Court in Briarfields and Oxford Court for the same price and basically in the same place! There really is something for everyone and even if none of these accommodations suit your taste I would 100% suggest to keep looking and check the accommodation website. These are only a select few of what Manchester has for students but each accommodation offers something slightly different. Hopefully they help on your search and get you excited for where you could be living very soon!

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