Staying healthy while completing assignments. Tips for exercise/eating. (Hannah)


There’re not enough hours in the day that’s for sure (and frustrating!). But it’s still important to tie in some exercise in your daily routine no matter how small or intense! No doubt your uni work is top priority, but I’ve always found myself more motivated and positive after some star jumps! To some extent, my main tip would be not to think you´re about to do exercise but that you’re about to go and release endorphins.😊 Here are some main tips that I hope helps you balance both staying healthy and getting your best work done! 💪


Not everyone can be so structured with their timetable, I’m the one to know! And let’s face it, life can spring some random moments at you meaning things don’t always work to plan. But with some structure to follow, this will help you fit in your time to exercise! This could be jotting down when gym classes are on, when to go for a run, home workouts etc. For me, I like to keep my mornings to do exercise and the afternoons and evenings to do assignments and socialise.😊 To add on, making a timetable on your phone will make things easier to remember and put an alarm so you don’t forget! In addition to this, why not add abit of colour on your timetable and write down what parts of the body or type of exercises you want to work on! You got this!

Be Creative

Eating healthy is also another skill to master especially when you got deadlines fired at you, Snacks can be a life-raft to get you going through those stressful times! My plan of action has been so far to replace fruit for snacks that can be more filling than constant Oreo biscuits (though tempting!). For example, avocado on toast, banana and peanut butter sandwich, strawberries and other fruit with granola and yogurt! All these kinds of combinations can help avoid over snacking and help you feel good as well as energised!

Get the group together

Create exercise time into an event where you can also catch up with a friend! This could also be a good motivator for you to go to the gym, run or even do a home workout by cheering each other on! Moreover, you can also manage time together to make sure you’re finding time to do those assignments. Sometimes a strict time of day to do other things can be a good incentive to work hard when you’re studying!

Short on time?

The duration to go the gym and back can be quite a tight squeeze when you’re full time at uni. This is why home workouts are a good way to save time and sometimes can be even more encouraging! Have a look on YouTube channels where there’re a range of exercises (including yoga!) you can choose from!

Overall, it’s all about the mindset! Stay positive and know that even if things seem impossible to balance – take a break- and start again!

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