Meet some of our social media coordinators

We know that starting university is kind of a big deal and you probably have a lot of questions that you want to ask. So we are inviting this year’s Manchester Met undergraduate applicants to join our Facebook communities, where you can chat to fellow students starting in September and current students that already know the ropes!

Want to know more? Read what some of our social media coordinators, who are current students, have to say about studying at Manchester Met.

Name: Phil

Course: BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS

Where are you from? Manchester

What top tip would you give someone who is starting their course here in September?

“The top tip I would give someone starting their course at MMU in September is to make the most of the facilities and support on offer. This ranges from personal health and mental wellbeing to academic study skills and support. MMU are here to help you get the most out of your degree and your personal journey.”

Name: Patricia

Course: MArch Master of Architecture

Where are you from? Transylvania

What’s your favourite thing about living and studying in Manchester?

“My favourite thing about studying in Manchester is being part of the School of Art community. The student life not only introduces you to people that are part of other creative industries, but immerses you into a lifestyle defined by expanded creative boundaries and an invitation to experimentation far beyond the University walls.

“The music heritage, the art galleries and exhibitions, the quirky theatres and cinemas are elements that I try to explore all the time. Because city life is quite fast-paced, there is always something new that comes up and you are never bored.”

Name: Hannah

Course: LLB (Hons)

Where are you from? Buckinghamshire

Do you live in student accommodation or do you commute to university?

“Going to university can sometimes be a difficult and nerve-wracking change for people. This is because you might be placed out of your comfort zone, having to try something new – in particular, moving into student accommodation or commuting, both of which you may not have done before.

“Once the journey became a part of my routine, I got used to it and it became an enjoyable part of my day. I began to use my commute as a time to reflect, listen to music, read a book or talk to different people. It is also a chance to have a change of scenery, which is needed to kick start your day or wind down after studying hard.”

Name: Safah

Where are you from? Manchester

Course: BA (Hons) Politics

What is the best thing about being a student at Manchester Met?

“The amount of opportunities we are given at the University. Programmes such as Teach Abroad and Jobs4students really allow us as students to mentally develop and progress, helping us in the future.”

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