My results day experience (Georgie)

read about Student Blogger Georgie’s experience of getting her A Level resultts and her advice for anyone getting their results this year

My results day experience (Izzy)

Results Day. Yuck. Waking up on the morning of the 17th August, 2017, was nerve-racking. I hadn’t got much sleep the night before, knowing the my future depended on the grades I saw on that piece of paper that morning. I knew that I could find out if I’d got into my first choice uni…

How I survived my A-Level exams (Georgie)

Looking back on what was going on this time last year I realised I was in full revision mode as the dreaded A- Levels slowly crept closer. So, I thought I would share a few tips on how I survived my A- Levels as many prospective students will be in the same position I was….

Top tips for your revision

A lot of our followers will be sitting exams and assessments over the next few months.  From all of us here at Manchester Met, we’d like to wish you the best of luck! We’ve also put together a handy infographic to give you some top tips on revising, taking into account your learning style. Are you…

How I survived my A Level exams (Izzy)

A-levels are a nightmare. We can pretty much all agree on that, and for me it was one of the most difficult times of my life. However, I got through it – and in the end if you put the hard work in it will pay off in the end. In February last year my…