Choosing where to live at uni (Izzy)

Once you’ve decided which uni you want to go to, you need to decide where you actually want to live. MMU has a huge range of accommodation, some on the campus itself, and some a little further out. I chose to live in Liberty Central, which are halls just across the road from the Students’…

Choosing somewhere to live at university (Georgie)

Starting at Manchester Metropolitan University in September? Have no clue where to start when it comes to choosing which student accommodation you want to live in? Then here is my run-down of a selection of Halls available that I know about personally or have had friends live in. Hopefully this can give you a bit more of an inside perspective of what it is really like to live in these places.

Reflections on my first term (Georgie)

As soon as I came back to Manchester after summer it weirdly felt like I had never left. It was nice arriving in September this time and it feeling more like coming home, rather than the lost feeling I had arriving the previous September. I could also skip the whole trying to figure out where everything is around the uni and how everything works, so I got into the swing of things much quicker this year.

Choosing to live at home whilst you’re at university (Toby)

Living at home whilst you’re at university isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Actually, I don’t know if anyone sees it as daunting? I don’t know what the general opinion on whether to live at home or university is. Living in student accommodation isn’t for everyone. Some people opt to live at home due…

My student accommodation (Elijah)

For my first year of university, I chose to live in private student halls.  There are loads of private providers of student accommodation in Manchester, as well as lots of accommodation provided by the University.

Home or Halls?

It’s now possible for 2016 applicants to register their interest in our student accommodation. To help you with your decision, we’ve spoken to 3 of our students about their choice of accommodation.