My tips on writing a good CV (Alice)

We’ve all been there; the dreaded job search trying to find something that we’re at least a tiny bit remotely interested in. And then, you finally come across a job description and you think: I could do that! But the one big barrier that’s standing in the way between you and that job is the crippling thought of writing a CV.

Spotlight on my course – MSc Marketing- Creative Advertising (Alice)

Hi I’m Alice and I’m currently studying a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Creative Advertising! After graduating in 2017 with a media and communications degree, I wasn’t quite sure what career I wanted. I knew I was creative, but also liked the marketing aspect. So, I decided to take a year out, get some experience with internships, and then researched doing a masters… which leads me to my course at Manchester Met.

Budgeting as a postgrad student (Dale)

Unfortunately, student loans just do not lend themselves well to the champagne lifestyle. If your taste buds generally prefer the finer things in life, then taking the plunge to return to education as a postgrad student may come with its challenges and financial cutbacks. Thankfully, the recent postgraduate loan scheme has gone some way to…

Spotlight on my MA Filmmaking course (Dale)

As a part-time MA Filmmaking student, what surprised me most when I started was the amount of independence and creative freedom given to me and my course mates. You are expected to be in charge of your own success at masters level and to manage your time and objectives as efficiently as possible. This freedom…