Saving money over the summer (Toby)

Saving money over summer is vital as a student because eventually September comes swinging round again with your landlord wanting a big fat slice of your student finance and leaving you with nothing. So, if you want to eat this autumn or eat better this autumn, I am here to help. Hopefully, your parents are…

Preparing for job interviews (Toby)

In my last post, I guided you through the process of writing a CV and look at you now – I’m so proud. However, there is still much work to be done. It’s time for part two of this brutal process – preparing for an interview. (That gif was me applying for the job to…

How to write a good CV (Toby)

Ahh writing a CV, the start of a VERY FUN process. But we both know that you want that job… Well lucky for you, I am here to help. Especially since everyone else in your life as soon as you mentioned CV probably did this: Now, not to brag, but I currently have two jobs…

Part time work and studying, managing my time and my money (Toby)

Most importantly, plan time to relax. If you don’t allow yourself some down time you’ll just end up dropping everything. The brilliant thing about planning time to relax is it removes any form of guilt. The voice in your head that says “you need to work” will not have any power anymore. Because this is your time to relax, you need to relax, not work.

Dealing with stress at university (Toby)

And remember, you’re at university. Take advantage! Talk to your tutors, use the library, join a study group, etc. Just don’t put off your work and don’t rush – it’s all going to be okay.