Deciding between subjects. How I chose my degree (Latifa)

Choosing a subject to study at university might be easy for some, but for others like me I did not know which subject to do until I looked at these determining factors. Let’s take a look…. So, in my particular situation after my 2 years of college I went on and took a gap year,…

What you can expect from a Manchester Met Visit Day (Latifa)

Speaking from experience, I would recommend coming to a Visit Day, so you can avoid any stress on the first day of term, as you will already have a clear picture of where things are on campus and what your course entails. Here is what you can expect from a Manchester Met Visit Day…

Time to Apply

With the UCAS deadline looming, we’ve put together our tops tips for applying to university.

Understanding Your Offer

you’ve got to make that all-important decision about which university and course to put down as your firm and insurance choices – this can be one of the trickiest stages of the whole application process as it means narrowing up to five choices down to two.