My Favourite Shops in Manchester (Georgie)

Being a Fashion Promotion student, it is probably stating the obvious when I say that I like going shopping and buy new clothes. So, I thought that today I would write a bit about my favourite shops in Manchester

Starting my second year at uni (Georgie)

It’s September and we all know what that means, back to school season has begun. Or back to university for me, similar to starting back at school, apart from you aren’t just buying new stationery but also furniture and household supplies.

Making the most of open days (Elijah)

My Manchester Met open day was a mixture of things at once, it was hectic, scary, fun and amazing! I say hectic and scary because I got lost within the first 5 minutes of being here and being in an unfamiliar place scares me because I don’t know what to expect.However, once I found where I…

Budgeting as a postgrad student (Dale)

Unfortunately, student loans just do not lend themselves well to the champagne lifestyle. If your taste buds generally prefer the finer things in life, then taking the plunge to return to education as a postgrad student may come with its challenges and financial cutbacks. Thankfully, the recent postgraduate loan scheme has gone some way to…