Reflections on my second year (Amber)

So I’ve finished second year and I officially have one more to go before my education is finished! It’s crazy to think this time next year I’ll be saying goodbye to Manchester Met and I’m definitely going to miss it.                But now it’s time to reflect on the year just gone and how I felt…

Keeping in touch with friends at home (Georgie)

Going to university is an exciting time, with a unique opportunity to make many new friends. Whether you go to a university the other side of the country or locally, there will be a whole range of new people to meet. However, while all this excitement is going on, sometimes people struggle to keep in…

Reflections on my second year (Georgie)

A lot of students experience what is referred to as ‘second year slump’ coming back to University in September. This is a result of losing momentum after a long summer and realising that you can no longer have the ‘this year doesn’t count anyway’ attitude that everyone is guilty of in their first year. But…

Reflections on my first term (Georgie)

As soon as I came back to Manchester after summer it weirdly felt like I had never left. It was nice arriving in September this time and it feeling more like coming home, rather than the lost feeling I had arriving the previous September. I could also skip the whole trying to figure out where everything is around the uni and how everything works, so I got into the swing of things much quicker this year.

Starting my second year at uni (Georgie)

It’s September and we all know what that means, back to school season has begun. Or back to university for me, similar to starting back at school, apart from you aren’t just buying new stationery but also furniture and household supplies.