Part time work and studying, managing my time and my money (Toby)

Most importantly, plan time to relax. If you don’t allow yourself some down time you’ll just end up dropping everything. The brilliant thing about planning time to relax is it removes any form of guilt. The voice in your head that says “you need to work” will not have any power anymore. Because this is your time to relax, you need to relax, not work.

Keeping up with university reading (Izzy)

The library is a great place to find books. Obviously.
Pretty much all the books on the reading list are in the library, meaning that while you’re there, you may as well pick one or two up. You can keep them for 2 weeks and that should be enough time for anyone to get round to actually opening it.

What to expect in your first year at uni (Izzy)

Your first year at uni will be full of ups and downs, but trust me when I say that it will be one of the most exciting and influential years of your life. You learn to cook for yourself, find a routine that works for you, and vacuum super noodles off the kitchen floor at…

Meet My Manchester Met family (Toby)

If you think you have just one family, then you haven’t been to university. Coming to University, I didn’t expect to make the friends I have now. Mainly because, not to sound arrogant, but, I already felt like I had enough friends. I already felt like I had my friends for life, so I wasn’t…

Getting ready for university exams, my tips on revision (Elijah)

Well here we are, exam season. Ah such a stressful time of year. There are many ways to prepare for exams and the most important one being, revision. One factor to consider is your timescale, for example if your exam is 1 month or 2 weeks from now you should be at least revising for a…

How I survived my A-Level exams (Georgie)

Looking back on what was going on this time last year I realised I was in full revision mode as the dreaded A- Levels slowly crept closer. So, I thought I would share a few tips on how I survived my A- Levels as many prospective students will be in the same position I was….