My guide to student discounts (Hannah)

After the fun of freshers the first term is now drawing to an end and finances can be in need of a good check (eek)! This is when those student discounts come in handy more than ever! Here are my suggestions for some great deals you guys need to keep an eye out for! Save…

Managing your finances over the summer (Alice)

So, you’re finally saying goodbye to dreaded exams and last-minute deadlines for a few months and you’re looking forward to the millions of summer festival and holiday plans you made with your friends… The only problem is – how are you going to afford it all? The sweet, smug feeling of being unemployed over summer…

Applying for a Masters Course (Alice)

Graduating this year and haven’t got a clue what to do once you’ve finished? Maybe you went straight into work after graduating and are now realising you want to go down a different career path? So you’ve come to the decision that a masters is the next step for you. But where to even begin?!…

Part time work and studying, managing my time and my money (Toby)

Most importantly, plan time to relax. If you don’t allow yourself some down time you’ll just end up dropping everything. The brilliant thing about planning time to relax is it removes any form of guilt. The voice in your head that says “you need to work” will not have any power anymore. Because this is your time to relax, you need to relax, not work.

Reflections on my first term (Georgie)

As soon as I came back to Manchester after summer it weirdly felt like I had never left. It was nice arriving in September this time and it feeling more like coming home, rather than the lost feeling I had arriving the previous September. I could also skip the whole trying to figure out where everything is around the uni and how everything works, so I got into the swing of things much quicker this year.

Key dates for 2019 undergraduate applicants

We’ve put together a ‘key dates’ infographic which shows the important dates that you should be aware of to help make the transition to becoming a university student that little bit smoother!