Managing your finances over the summer (Alice)

So, you’re finally saying goodbye to dreaded exams and last-minute deadlines for a few months and you’re looking forward to the millions of summer festival and holiday plans you made with your friends… The only problem is – how are you going to afford it all? The sweet, smug feeling of being unemployed over summer…

Getting a summer job (Izzy)

Once exams are over it’s such a huge relief, although I ended up feeling like I had nothing to do. Going from studying all day to literally nothing was a big jump. So I needed a job. I thought that being in one of the largest cities in the UK, it would be easy to…

The things I love about Manchester (Latifa)

I might be biased, but I love being in Manchester. One reason why Manchester is such a nice place to live, it is very easy to get around. Public transport consists of the easy tram, train and bus routes, so it is very easy to make your way around Manchester. If you have a car…

The BEST Veggie/ Vegan Eats in Manchester (Sophie)

As a vegetarian and a wannabe-vegan-who-can’t-resist-cheese, I can honestly say I have never struggled to eat out in Manchester with so many amazing independent plant-based restaurants and larger chains coming out with meat alternative options. This list is not in order of ranking but is roughly ordered by the proximity of the restaurant to the…

Spotlight on my course – MSc Marketing- Creative Advertising (Alice)

Hi I’m Alice and I’m currently studying a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Creative Advertising! After graduating in 2017 with a media and communications degree, I wasn’t quite sure what career I wanted. I knew I was creative, but also liked the marketing aspect. So, I decided to take a year out, get some experience with internships, and then researched doing a masters… which leads me to my course at Manchester Met.

Part time work and studying, managing my time and my money (Toby)

Most importantly, plan time to relax. If you don’t allow yourself some down time you’ll just end up dropping everything. The brilliant thing about planning time to relax is it removes any form of guilt. The voice in your head that says “you need to work” will not have any power anymore. Because this is your time to relax, you need to relax, not work.

Dealing with stress at university (Toby)

And remember, you’re at university. Take advantage! Talk to your tutors, use the library, join a study group, etc. Just don’t put off your work and don’t rush – it’s all going to be okay.