My favourite things about the first week of term (Georgie)

New room My favourite thing about the first week of term, which applies to not only first year but every first term, is the new room. I love the whole unpacking process and finding everything a place in my room – not that it ever stays that way for long. Make sure you bring a…

Packing for my year abroad (Toby)

I’m going to start this blog by saying I have NO IDEA what is going on. I am lost, scared and confused. Honestly, if you have come to this blog looking for advice, help or guidance then RUN. This blog is not here to help but rather a physical version of what my mind is…

Keeping in touch with friends at home (Georgie)

Going to university is an exciting time, with a unique opportunity to make many new friends. Whether you go to a university the other side of the country or locally, there will be a whole range of new people to meet. However, while all this excitement is going on, sometimes people struggle to keep in…

Spotlight on my course – MSc Marketing- Creative Advertising (Alice)

Hi I’m Alice and I’m currently studying a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Creative Advertising! After graduating in 2017 with a media and communications degree, I wasn’t quite sure what career I wanted. I knew I was creative, but also liked the marketing aspect. So, I decided to take a year out, get some experience with internships, and then researched doing a masters… which leads me to my course at Manchester Met.

The best study spots on campus (Georgie)

Even though I have a nice big desk at home I can never seem to focus on my work when I am there. Home has too many distractions and I am always too tempted to make food, watch TV, chat to housemates or nap. So, if you are like me and need somewhere else to get cracking on work then here are my top 5 places on campus to study.

Dealing with stress at university (Toby)

And remember, you’re at university. Take advantage! Talk to your tutors, use the library, join a study group, etc. Just don’t put off your work and don’t rush – it’s all going to be okay.

Reflections on my first term (Georgie)

As soon as I came back to Manchester after summer it weirdly felt like I had never left. It was nice arriving in September this time and it feeling more like coming home, rather than the lost feeling I had arriving the previous September. I could also skip the whole trying to figure out where everything is around the uni and how everything works, so I got into the swing of things much quicker this year.