My plans for over the summer (Sophie)

That’s right, you’ve (or I have) just completed your first year of university and it’s time to celebrate! Right?… Well for many students the summer months hit your finances the hardest, even with the free time to get a summer job, it is a struggle for most of us. The summer loan is the smallest,…

Keeping in touch with friends at home (Georgie)

Going to university is an exciting time, with a unique opportunity to make many new friends. Whether you go to a university the other side of the country or locally, there will be a whole range of new people to meet. However, while all this excitement is going on, sometimes people struggle to keep in…

Resolutions for my next year at university (Latifa)

Since breaking up for the summer I have been thinking a lot about what I want to achieve during my next year of university. The time at university goes by really quickly, and next thing you know you’re already starting the next year so I have decided to make some resolutions to make the most…

Dealing with stress at university (Toby)

And remember, you’re at university. Take advantage! Talk to your tutors, use the library, join a study group, etc. Just don’t put off your work and don’t rush – it’s all going to be okay.

Key dates for 2019 undergraduate applicants

We’ve put together a ‘key dates’ infographic which shows the important dates that you should be aware of to help make the transition to becoming a university student that little bit smoother!

Starting my second year at uni (Georgie)

It’s September and we all know what that means, back to school season has begun. Or back to university for me, similar to starting back at school, apart from you aren’t just buying new stationery but also furniture and household supplies.